Mr Johnathan Abbey Pobie fires President Akuffo Addo


“President Akuffo Addo has disappointed me after campaigning for him after what happened in 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil ” Ghana did spend huge sums of money but nothing positive came out from the tournament, we again spent huge sums of money during Afcon 2019 in Egypt”.

He said this in an interview with Kumasi based Angel 96.1 FM First Half Sports saying President Akuffo Addo has disappointed him to budget 25 million dollars on Black stars for both Afcon tournament and World Cup qualifying series . Ghana has made these kind of mistakes in previous years spending on Black stars but we end up bringing nothing.

The people of Ghana need to wake up to stop the leaders from spending huge on only Black stars. We have other sporting discipline of which we can focus on, winning trophy is not about spending so much money.


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