Stop issuing prospecting license to prospective miners- Minerals commission told


Mr. Aaron Kumah, a senior lecturer at the Appiah Menkah University wants Government of Ghana to stop issuing prospecting licenses to prospective miners in the country.

This he said, is the surest approach to end the land degradation in the country.

Speaking on Oyerepa Television Breakfast Time on Friday, 23rd April 2021, Mr. Kumah called on government to consult the Austrian government in resolving this menace. Since the country handled similar case.

“Individuals must not be entertained to do any prospecting, henceforth. However, it behooves government to take it up.”

The prospecting license gives room for the destruction of our lands and forest reserves. Adding ‘that mining prospecting license had aided several miners to mine our forest and are causing destruction to the numerous forest reserves in the country.’

He however, proposed that government through the minerals commission should take into accounts records of all our gold deposits demographics and quantities of gold deposit on each acreage.

This he said, would enable the country to protect the wanton destruction of the lands, easily reclamat after mining the said tract of land.

His suggestions follow the new directives from the Minister of Lands and Natural Resource, Mr. Samuel Abu Jinapor, that bans mining activities in the country.

According to him, the directives by the sector minister are plank and cannot in any way achieve the intended results.

A move by successive governments to regulates the activities of our mining sector seems to have failed due to a lack of cooperation from both actors within the industry.

This nearly caused the ruling government in the 2020 general elections.

Their activities are ravaging the country like the recent novel virus covid 19, hovering around the world, making life and our economies unbearable, but those actively engaged in it do not see its immediate implications, on them and the country at large.


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