Offinso Youth Groups root for ‘General Abito’ as next MCE


An association of Youth Groups in the Offinso Municipality in the Ashanti region have in a press release petitioned President Akufo-Addo to appoint Mr. John Kwadwo Owusu-Boakye, popularly known as ‘General Abito’ as the next Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Offinso Municipal Assembly. reports.

In a meeting with the Offinso Diasporian community the youth groups expressed their support for Mr. John Kwadwo Owusu-Boakye in a statement, indicating that the disappointing performance of the former MCE, Hon. Solomon Kesse and his lethargic attitude has compelled them to openly campaign and throw their weight behind General Abito who they believe with his proven track record and considerable years of local government experience serving as the special aide to Hon. Anthony Akoto Osei, former Minister of Monitoring and Evaluation and a former Member of Parliament is capable of bringing a facelift of development and infrastructure to the Offinso townships.

They stated in their communique sighted by that the infrastructure deficits in the Offinso towns have culminated into a massive unemployment issues and as interested stakeholders taking their future into consideration, they are only pleading on the President to appoint a development-oriented Abito as their MCE.

“We have followed with great regret and despondency, the lukewarm, lethargic and incompetence of the former MCE, and the least said the better for the President to as a matter of great help to Offinsoman give us a new Chief executive officer who’s a blue NPP, fair and experienced in local government and overall policies of the government. Offinso has suffered under the hands of government development in the municipality and thus making it the largest municipal village in Ghana. We think it’s time to bring someone who has served the NPP well and can canvass for development for us and bring the party together, the representatives of the decentralized system and assure the confidence of the people and traditional authorities, build a workable institutional framework which will give meaning to all governance principles and policies of the Akufo-Addo led government in the strongest NPP area in the Ashanti region.

We lack jobs and visible infrastructure. Our former MCE, Solomon Kesse didn’t help us. Enduring another four-years under him will only invite our wrath as he lacks the ideas to turn the fortunes of this beloved town around. We need a visionary person who is well in-tuned with the President’s developmental agenda and that is why we as a youth have collectively thrown our weight behind General Abito because we believe with his experience over the years, he is more than capable to make our town one of the best if not the best in the Country. We only plead on the President to consider our appeal and grant our wish.” Portions of the statement reads.

The statement continues that “we have no doubt in the competences and dexterity of one of the applicants, messrs J. K. Owusu-Boakye, Personal Assistant to Hon. Dr Anthony Akoto Osei, former MP and care-taker Minister for the Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation.

He has worked 17 years for the NPP party and at the local government level and has gained great wealth of knowledge and experience in state craft aside being a very active member of the NPP in the Ashanti region, playing pivotal roles in both Youth and Vision 2020 campaign committees in the just ended 2020 Elections.

Having contested twice to be a regional scribe of NPP, and being one of the progenitors of NPP communicators as institution of the party’s structures, he has the ability to and the penchant for a thriving and progressing Offinso Municipality, we therefore support his bid and pray the President and appointing authority to give him the nomination for the position as the Offinso Municipality Chief Executive” the statement added.

Source: Ghana/ 2021.


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