Joseph Yammin writes: The agenda was to make Akufo-addo President at all cost

Akufo-Addo GALOP

Currently I’m a student studying defence and International Politics at the Ghana Armed Forces Staff College.

One of the recommended books you are required to buy before you start the course is one written by Asare Bossman titled International Politics and Diplomacy.

I’m told by our senior colleagues that he was the lecturer for international politics before assuming the deputy EC commissioner job. His book portrays his knowledge in international politics and infact one would love reading his book and you have a better understanding of the subject reading that book.

BOSSMAN is suppose to be a mark of an authority in international politics judging from the content of his book at least.
I think based on this, that many believed his appointment as a deputy chair to the electoral commission was a good one and that the right structures and the best practice was going to be administered at the EC but little did we know that what he teaches is dramatically opposite to what he really believes and implement.

A quote from the reggae legend lucky dube song titled GOOD THINGS and I quote “I can teach you all the tricks in the books but at the end of the day its your life, good things come to those who go out and make it happen, they don’t come to those who wait”.

Bossman teaches all the tricks in the books but in reality allows selfishness to take over him. How can a man so vest in international politics stoop so low so as to even get elementary arithmetics of simple percentages wrong?.

A calculations that a first year junior high school student won’t get wrong, a whole PhD is getting it wrong. What is amazing is the fact that the EC has a PhD as their director of operations,- Dr Serebour and also Dr Bossman also a PhD holder and a medical doctor as the Director of IT and yet couldn’t get simple arithmetics of elementary level right.

Is it the fact that the real agenda was at all cost to make Nana Addo president regardless of the level of academic credentials of these individuals mentioned in this writeup.

It is a shame to their academic levels and a shame to their experiences.


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