Underestimating Free SHS Policy atrocious and visionless


The bedrock of any developed nation is education of her citizens.  Research has proved that, countries with high rate of unenlightened population, lag behind in progress and economic development. When majority of the people can read, write and understand basic concepts they come across in their everyday lives, it makes the conduct of businesses and other livelihood activities that propel an economy more convenient and simple. 

In Ghana, the illiteracy rate is quite high, hovering around 21%.  This makes it difficult to tap into talents and utilise same to facilitate accelerated growth of the economy. 

Although tertiary education and other intermediary trainings have helped in producing the requisite manpower needs of the country, secondary education also plays a major part in the human resource requirements of the country.

Secondary education, which is now accessed at the senior high school level, prepares students to acquire an appreciable literacy and numeracy skills, which could be used to perform many tasks ranging from businesses, petty trading,  secretarial work, intellectual debates among others. 

Until September 2017, literacy rate in Ghana has been low partly due to the inability of some parents to afford secondary education, let alone progressing to higher levels. Against this background, we find it refreshing, the introduction of the free senior high school policy by the Akufo-Addo led government, which has placed more than 1.2 million children into secondary schools. 

It is expected that, in the near future, every Ghanaian will be educated to at least, the senior high school level. When you have a population in which everyone can read, write, do simple arithmetic to manipulate figures, economic growth will be high to reduce unemployment. 

Ghana will later experience a situation where market women selling fish, vegetables, food stuffs etc at the local markets, can express themselves intellectually and transact their businesses  with less difficulties.

It is for these reasons  that anyone who finds free SHS needless, could be considered an enemy of the state. It is an essential programme that looks into the future with hopes for the Ghanaian child and generation yet unborn. 

By: By: Chineseman, Osei and GuyGee (COG) 


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