How to deal effectively with problems

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To ensure that a problem is dealt with effectively and that it does not occur again, my experience and studies have shown and proven that the best technique and the most important processes to consider are to:

  1. Identify THE CAUSE(S)” or “THE SOURCE(S)” of the problem.
  2. Seek for the steps or actions to deal with TC (The Causes) or TS (The Sources) of the problem.
  3. Implement or put into action the steps to destroy TC or TS of that problem.

When TC or TS of a problem is destroyed, the problem will die and that problem is not likely to come up again.

From personal to national problems, unless appropriate and effective steps are taken to deal with TCs or TSs of the problem(s), the problem(s) will always be there. 

Unfortunately, so many people in this country either complain about the problems or they just talk about whatever they think are the solutions to the problems.  Only very few people actually try to do something to solve problems.

I encourage you to be one of the few who truly do something to help to solve problems.


Simply put, SIN is DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD.  Sin is disobedience to a command, directive or instruction from God.  Certainly, sin is the world’s biggest problem.

Let us look at these two simple examples:

  • If God tells you to kill someone, but you don’t kill that person, you have disobeyed God – and therefore you have sinned. (1 Samuel 15:22)
  • If God tells you to do dawn broadcast, but you don’t do it, you have disobeyed God – you have sinned.


1. Identify The Cause (TC) of sin.

To deal with sin, the most important element to find out is TC of sin. 

The multi million dollar question comes up – “Who causes people to disobey God?” 

The answer is Satan!  Satan is the one who causes people to disobey God!

We should realise and believe that Satan works directly or often through other people to cause many people to disobey God from time to time.

Satan’s main objective to cause human beings to disobey God started in the Garden of Eden.  Satan is the main guy, the TC or TS of sin! 

SATAN SHOULD BE THE PRIME TARGET of anyone’s anger when someone does something wrong or commits a sin.

2.  How To Deal With Satan.

The answer takes us to the issue of “Spiritual Warfare”. 

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. (Ephesians 6:12 – NLT)

It should be emphasised that our major objective in the Spiritual Warfare is not just one simple act, but a continuous complicated process of multiple approaches by a person to counter the works of Lucifer and his dark kingdom. 

Though Lucifer (Satan) is not mentioned in every story in the Bible, he is the main cause of every act of disobedience of any man against God’s will or God’s command.  He was the one who lured Eve to eat the forbidden fruit.  He was the one who stirred Cain to murder Abel.  He is the same person who causes all of us to disobey God, once in a while or continuously.

In our world today, Satan is the main cause of all the bad decisions by any man against the laws, commands or directives by God; from marital problems to parliamentary issues; from child upbringing to immoral lifestyle; from wicked acts of killing to homosexuality.

Therefore, to deal effectively with sin, the process should involve series of actions that should target Satan as well.

When someone sins, in order to compel him/her not to repeat their wrong act, the most common reaction from others is to blame, insult, rebuke and advise that person so that he/she will not do that wrong thing again.  I have heard many people, including “men of God” or pastors who talk and blame people for the bad or wrong things such people have done.  Apparently, they do not do anything to Satan, the cause of the sin.  So what happens is that the same person is likely to commit the same wrong act again and again, under the influence of Satan or demons.

To really ensure that a person does NOT do whatever wrong they have done, evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, mighty powers in this dark world, and evil spirits (demons) in the heavenly places should be apprehended as well.

Obviously, Satan plays a role in every wrong or immoral act.  Therefore, he should NOT be left totally out of the equation or approach to deal effectively with sin.

3.  Implementing the right and appropriate steps to destroy TC or TS of sin.

To deal effectively with Lucifer or sin and its consequences begins with identification of six (6) elements and then an approach to tackle each element through serious prayers. 

The elements are:

  1. the effect of sin on the person(s) involved,
  2. the projection (or dart or weapon used),
  3. the projector (or person who influenced the act),
  4. the element or material used,
  5. the medium or alter, and
  6. the foundation or root cause of that particular sin.

These six (6) elements will be explained in the next article.

Article by:

Wilfred Yeboah-Kodie (Rev)

(Media Counsellors, Ghana.)


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