Blacks are poor because we are selfish, racist and hypocrites – Al Wahab


International Diplomatic Consultant, Farouk Al Wahab has described Africans as the most ‘racist and selfish’ people in the world.

Speaking on Fabewoso on Angel 102.9FM hosted by Captain Smart, Al Wahab said the Black race has been poor because of its selfish nature.

“Africans are selfish, we are racists, hypocrites and liars, we claim to worship God but we are liars…,” he said on the show.

To him, the talk of Africans being underdeveloped because of the domination of the White man is never true as according to him the African continent has deliberately underdeveloped itself.

“We are very stupid for claiming that we are underdeveloped because the white is sitting on our neck…it’s absolutely stupidity…are we the only people who were colonized?,” he asked.

To him, it makes no sense for Blacks to see the continuous dominance of the white man as the reason for their underdevelopment adding that the Blackman has never thought of finding another means of development his continent.

He further asked why the likes of Singapore and Dubai are still developed despite being colonized by the British almost at the same time.

Al Wahab further questioned why the likes of New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh and other countries which were colonized by the same British are more wealthy than Ghana.

“We had money close to the wealth of Britain, we have money more than New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh…the whites colonized India but today they are the 5th biggest economy in the world…,” he said.

Source: Ghana | | KWAKU NTI


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