COVID-19: Prostitutes in Ghana introduce new VIP sex positions to sustain business


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced commercial sex workers in Ghana to introduce new sex positions to boost their business.

A prostitute with six years experience in the profession confessed in an interview on Angel FM’s Evening News on Friday that the new positions which used to be considered VIP treatment are now been offered for free.

“As for me, I now use doggy style because of the COVID-19. I never allow people to lie on me because I fear they may cough or sneeze on me so I contract the disease. So for me, it is doggy style only…,” Eunice revealed on the news.

She said the doggy style was used for the people who were willing to pay huge amounts to them and not for customers who came in for ‘short’.

But due to how badly the COVID-19 disease has affected business, she has decided to use only the doggy sex position for all forms of customers so she can continue to stay in business.

“There is no disease in the genitals so I have no problem…a man came to me yesterday and per his appearance, I gave him hand sanitiser but I must confess that I allow people who are very neat in appearance to fuck me anyhow.

“But for the coming of the disease, doggy price was very expensive because it is very painful…tall me in particular hurt us because of the size of their manhood. So you can’t instruct me to give doggy when you’re coming for short which costs only GHC50…,” she said.

She also confessed that the COVID-19 disease has actually affected their business.

“This disease has badly affected us negatively, previously we were making some good returns but that is not the case now because of the COVID-19…,” the make-up artiste turned prostitute confessed said.

Source: Ghana | | KWAKU NTI


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