VIDEO: More than 500 residents displaced in Bortianor after Weija Dam spillage


An estimated 500 residents in the Bortianor area of the Ga South Municipality of Accra, are said to have been displaced following the spillage of excess water in the Weija Dam by the Ghana Water Company Limited.

Over 100 hundred houses have also been submerged, according to Angel News’ Odehye Kwaku Asiedu.

The residents are leaving in fear as the volume of the water is increasing steadily.

They are also calling on the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) to come to their aid, the reporter told Captain Smart, host of the Angel FM morning show programme dubbed ‘Anɔpa Bɔfoɔ’, Thursday, Jnue 4, 2020..

The Ghana Water Company on Tuesday started spilling excess water in the dam has risen from 37ft to 47.9ft as the rains set in. The safe operating level of the dam is 47ft.

Like every dam, its safe operating levels are maintained to prevent it from possible collapse necessitating the spillage.

The water company had issued an alert warning the public of the exercise and asked persons living close to the areas to be affected to relocate the general public especially those residing in Weija about its plan to spill excess water from the Weija Dam.

But the residents say even if they have to relocate, they have nowhere going hence the need for NADMO to assist them.

Watch VIDEO Below:

Source: Ghana | | Odehye Kwaku Asiedu


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