‘You misers and “chisel” Media Houses’, repent! – Prof Gyampo


A Political Scientist, Professor Ransford Gyampo has taken a swipe at media organisations in Ghana who do not appreciate resource persons who appear on their show.

In what seem to be some sort of frustration, he took to his Facebook handle to advocate for change of attitude in the way media entities who enrich themselves with resource persons and yet do not show appreciation.

‘You call yourself an accomplished Radio/Tv station. Yet you can’t even buy a Christmas or Appreciation Card worth one cedi to show gratitude to resource persons who enrich your programmes. Repent, you misers & “chisel” Media Houses’

In a related post he bemoans how rewarding appearing on some Television stations are, adding ‘we create enemies for ourselves’.

‘Appearing on Television & on Radio isn’t rewarding for some of us who speak our minds. We create enemies for ourselves. We disadvantage ourselves to enrich media programmes. Yet they can’t even raise one cedi to buy a card just to say thank you.


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