Don’t lay off workers – GIBA to media owners


President of the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA), Mr Andrew Aninkora has appealed to media owners in the country not to capitalise on Covid-19 pandemic to lay off workers.

In an interview on Pure Morning Drive, Mr Aninkora said the Association has met with President Akufo-Addo and are awaiting clear modalities for the government’s stimulus package so that media houses will be able to also utilize the opportunity.

‘We want to tell media owners that this is not the appropriate time to lay people off. Because if you lay off during this period without salary, the stress level you’ll import into the system alone, aside the COVID-19 we’re fighting as a country,- you’ll be putting people through mental stress. The developed countries that has managed to curb the virus spread after lockdown are trying to go back to normal life. Because without it; it would collapse the world economy, it’ll have mental effect on people, it’ll also change the whole dynamics of life. So really we’re restrategizing with media owners, he added.

‘We understand these times are not normal but laying off workers will affect us greatly. We must limit our movement to the office as media persons. Media organisations should allowed some staff to work from home. Some are only reporters who can do so from location without coming to the office. such staff must learn to do research and fact finding from home. Equipment not in use must be switched off to save electricity. Now we’re talking strategies with the media owners until we come to a leverage.’

Job losses

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) has said the COVID-19 pandemic is triggering losses in employment in the country.

Dr Yaw Baah, TUC, Secretary-General, said an ongoing research by the Labour Research and Policy Institute of TUC, shows the devastating effects of the COVID-19 health crisis on jobs and livelihoods in both the formal and informal segments of the economy.

Media companies that has been facing dire financial difficulties have also laid off workers.

Source: Ghana|


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