NPP Primaries: Why Fomena MP is chickening out of NPP primaries – Opinion


The Assistant Constituency secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) at Fomena in the Ashanti Region has revealed the reason behind the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) decision not to seek re-election.

Abu-Bakari Sadik Sadi offered the reasons below:

“Andrews Amoako Asiamah, MP for Fomena Constituency, decided not to continue the process of his party’s primaries after sensing that he will be humiliated in the primaries.

The MP won the previous primaries with 126 votes, out of 293 eligible votes cast.

The difference of 167 was shared by three other contestants.

From the above, Honourable Andrews Amoako Asiamah couldn’t amass 50% of the votes in the last primaries.

He’s again fallen out with most of the key decisions makers including his chairman, constituency executives and some polling station executives who supported him in his first bid.

Now, there are just two contestants, Honourable Andrews Amoako Asiamah and Philip Ofori Asante (POFA) who is seen as the messiah of the constituency.

All things been equal, Honourable Andrews Amoako Asiamah was hoping that, there would be some other contestants to split the votes for him to go through like his first attempt, but, that wasn’t the case.

At close of nominations, there were only two candidates who had filed to contest the polls.

The new contestant, Philip Ofori Asante (POFA), has always been an important and integral personality in the selection and election of who becomes the New Patriotic Party (NPP) candidate in the constituency since 2006.

POFA has always been with the constituency executives and the delegates. He supports them financially and has been given them Christmas packages since 2006.

He’s been aiding people to acquire admission for their wards to the colleges of education, nurses training schools and universities.

As if he runs a charity home, he pays school fees and hospital bills for a lot of people in the constituency.

Assisting people to acquire jobs after graduating from various schools is one of his hall marks. I cannot mention names here, but it’s crystal clear the number of people in lucrative employment though the efforts of POFA.

He’s the man to beat in the constituency, Honourable Andrews Amoako Asiamah cannot stand the height of defeat if he dares to contest”.

Written by: Abu-Bakari Sadik


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