Government ‘peak conclusion’ a matter of opinion and analysis – Dr Serebour


The Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association has questioned the basis of government’s science and data analysis which seeks to conclude that the country has peaked on the graph of covid-19.

Explaining his point, Dr Frank Serebour the told show host of Angel in the MORNING- Kwame Tanko that those comments were purely based on opinion and analysis.

“I think its a matter of opinion. We both see things differently. Let me cite this example. When you have untested lab results taken on different days and you put them together and conclude on your peak on a different day, how do you expect people to understand.what happens to the previous days? especially when u have backlog.

‘Mostly it appears that the Ghana Health Service(GHS) update doesn’t add up and people don’t understand. We also get figures from the regions and know exactly what is happening. You heard a nurse died of covid? and our death toll on GHS page is still 22 as of Saturday; As i speak it hasn’t be added. when are they adding the new deaths and what time do we do the analysis. That’s why concluding on the analysis is difficult we believe if we agree together and be on the same page such a way that results won’t delay then we won’t argue the analysis they put out. If we continue like this waiting for 3 to 4 days to update figures then i’m sorry. I’m part of GHS but not sure i believe that analysis put out


The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research said it has cleared the backlog of COVID-19 samples, giving it room to conduct tests and provide results within 24 hours.

However, the Vice President of the Ghana Medical Association thinks otherwise. He explains his reasons to Kwame Tanko.

‘Thankfully yesterday we heard most of the backlog have been cleared. But on the ground i still get worried. we still have people whose samples have been taken and for more than 5 days haven’t received results. Why are those results been held up? i think now that the backlog have been cleared at least by 48 hours we should receive results. but still we have results delayed for more than 72 hours. really have we cleared? call KCCR and find out if indeed backlog have been cleared or the rate at which they receive backlog have reduced. Because as we speak there’re people waiting for their results and that makes it difficult for people to say we have cleared backlog. If you have no backlog results must be sped up. If we’re not able to get ahead it will be difficult to accept the current analysis’.

Extension of ban

It was welcoming to hear the announcement of the extension of ban on social gathering. The GMA was very happy – but like I said early on its always decision to accept or reject our proposals. Few hours after the Association issued the statement we realised that Occupy Ghana proposed same. Then we knew we had backing. Honestly many front-line health workers gave a sigh of relieve. we pray that people will adopt the each one for himself attitude and adhere strictly to all protocols.

The Ghana Health Service (GHS) has released two graphs on Tuesday, May 7 to prove that the country has reached its peak of the Covid-19 infection curve.

Some public health experts have, in the last days, challenged the Service’s position when its Director of Public Health, Dr Badu Sakordie made the disclosure at a press briefing in Accra.

Source: Ghana||2020


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