The Church gradually becoming Pressure Group – Rev. Ayensu


A Superintendent Minister of the Calvary Methodist Church in Kumasi, Right Rev. Stephen Bosomtwe Ayensu has taken a swipe at the Christian Ecumenical Bodies calling for an ease in restrictions on social gathering, describing their actions as that of a hostile pressure group.

On Angel Fm’s flagship program, Angel in the Morning – hosted by Kwame Tanko, Rev. Ayensu questioned the basis of the proposal sent to government by the Christian Council.

“Why are some pastors in a hurry to go to church? I really can’t understand. Christianity isn’t all about church gathering. Families can stay home, pray and God will hear them. Are they telling us God isn’t listening to those pastors preaching on radio and Television? As individuals we can communicate with God- knowing very well that our body is a temple of God. so why the rush? Gradually pastors and religious heads are becoming pressure groups. Pressurizing government to open churches to go and do what? he quizzed.

“The outspoken minister added: “We need to understand that indeed we’re not in normal times. So soon have we forgotten that our body is a temple of Christ. Why compare banks and markets to church service. Lets pray the disease flattens so we can return to church. Its that simple!.’

Some pastors expalin that the call for church gatherinng was based on consistent request by members to come togther as a family of christ.

However reacting to this Rev. Steven Ayensu said “don’t mind them, they re not serious!. Its because they’re not getting the needed offertory. They misuse funds given by the members. What are they talking? Don’t people meet to pray on parks when churches are opened? Fellowship in church is also social gathering. Government should lift the ban and see if people will attend. They should spare us the noise! he yelled.

He pleaded with pastors in Ghana to exercise patience while they pray to avert a possible surge in spread of the virus.

“I’ll plead with my fellow pastors to exercise patience. However, if this call is because of tithes and offertories which are not forthcoming because of the ban then may God forgive them’.


After a meeting between President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and leaders of the Christian faith at the Jubilee House on April 21, 2020, a proposal requesting for a lift on ban on social gathering and advocating strict adherence to all prescribed precautionary etiquette against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), including providing separate seating areas for the aged was reportedly sent to the President for consideration.

But the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) in a communiqué pleaded with the President not to lift the ban on social gatherings for religious activities, schools, marriage ceremonies, funerals and other social events.

Others have since joined the call for ban on all social gatherings to be in full force till further notice.

Source: Ghana||2020


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