Delay attacks fan, describes him as ‘nonentity’


Radio and Television personality, Deloris Frimpong Manso known in the media as ‘Delay’ has hit back hard at a fan who made uncalled-for comment about her marital status in a post.

The fan by name Kojo Preprah, in a post has said to Delay that: “she’s nothing without a husband.”

The post was in reference to delay’s marital status.

The comment from Preprah thereafter got the Entrepreneur irritated causing her to describe the fan as ‘nonentity’.

She added that she is a woman of phenomenal with fame who has achieved a lot and a blessing to her family.

“The only nothing here is you. Nobody knows you, the only time you have been relevance is now, and it’s because you tried to throw dirt on a great like me. You are just a nonentity who will never be celebrated and will be lost in the sands of time and long forgotten.” she wrote.

The celebrated media personality further noted that she’s an achiever and a blessing to the country with what she possesses.

“I am everything, and more. I am a phenomenal woman, an achiever, a trailblazer, and a blessing to my family and this country,” Delay said.

Source: Ghana | | Samuel Sackey


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