Not being controversial has affected my career – Flowking Stone


Ghanaian rapper Flowking Stone has stated categorically that his decision for not to be a controversial rapper has affected his music career.

There have been “beefs” among Ghana artistes in the entertainment industry which some people believe it is getting bad and good impact in the entertainment industry.

The “Mekyeakyea” rapper Flowking Stone speaking to Kumasi based Angel Fm Drive time host Nana Obiri-Yeboah said “Naturally I’m not a controversial person and it has affected my music career because I choose to be myself”.

According to Flowking Stone, controversial artistes always trend in the entertainment industry while the artistes who are not controversial struggle to trend.

“If I release a track with insults and profane words I will trend at least one week in Ghana because majority of Ghanaians will talk about it to make others search for the track to listen. Though not being controversial artist is affecting my music but it cannot push me to be a controversial artist” Flowking Stone explained.

“Ike, I have a bigger picture and I only know where I’m going as far as entertainment industry is concern. I will not just beef an artist but I will beef artist who have the same level with me because I believe that I have too much in me to be competing with other artistes” Mekyeakyea rapper said.

Flowking Stone revealed that his supporters always pressure him to start beef with other artistes.

“Ike to be honest with you, the pressure keeps coming from my fans to start beef with other artistes but my lifestyle will not permit me to start a beef with others. If an artist with my level beef me then I will reply but I will not start a beef with any artist”.

Source: Osei Kwadwo


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