VIDEO: Rawlings’ daughter shouldn’t lie – Paul Adom Otchere attacks Zanetor Rawlings


Host of Good Evening Ghana Programme on Metro TV, Paul Adom Otchere has taken on Korle Klottey MP, Zanetor Rawlings for ‘lying’ about the distribution of food to the poor in locked down areas.

In an editorial on the Thursday edition of the show, Mr Adom Otchere accused the daughter of former President Jerry Rawlings of engaging in politics of lies and deciept; an accolade which he said does not befit her.

Zanetor Rawlings has in a widely publicised video accused the Gender Ministry and the AMA Mayor of sharing food based on party lines.

“In spite of the government saying [kayaye] are being fed, these people are not getting food,” the National Democratic Congress (NDC) MP fumed.

“And the unfortunate thing that is happening is that people are using partisanship to distribute food. This is a humanitarian crisis,” she alleged.

But Paul Adom Otchere disagrees and challenged the Korle Klottey MP to come forward with convincing evidence to back her claims.

“You can’t say that food is distributed in a partisan way without evidencing it…you know very well that in this commonwealth jurisdiction, he who alleges must prove. You trained in Ireland…how can you, such an important Member of Parliament come and say that food is being shared in a partisan way? Make sure a serious allegation without establishing any iota of prove? We should believe because you said it?

“You’re a daughter of the former President. All of would have been happy to be the daughter of JJ Rawlings, I believe…this is the person that you’re emulating in politics and you come make statements that are unsubstantiated? With this huge background that you have, is that the kind of politics that you’ve turned into? We sincerely hope that this was just a blip and it would never happen again…,” he said.

Source: Ghana | | KWAKU NTI


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