Robert Bamfo-Aninkora writes: Ghana’s situation – Spread Calm not Fear


I just want to highlight on a few positives we can draw despite the increasing figures.
Despite the fatalities we have seen with the pandemic the evidence is still clear that just about 30% and about of people who catch the virus will need to be hospitalized and a much smaller percentage will die.

What makes it risky is nobody knows who will die. this is a fact which sounds too good to accept. The 70% percent may get as worse as loosing their voice with a severe sore throat and cough but they can recover with the normal flu treatments. That is why we heard some people from some parts of the world saying they were not admitted despite showing all the signs.

The difference between Ghana and these developed countries is that whiles we are still admitting most positive cases and monitoring progress some of these countries only recommend you self quarantine when u notice the symptoms.

The only thing you are supposed to do is to keep them updated on your progress via the call line. They only come for you when your update says your symptoms have becoming life threatening, you have an underlying condition or you are part of the low immunity group(old age etc).

This means that we have every right to be positive because our numbers reflect reality than most of these other countries because we are testing almost every suspected.

I think what we can do now is to comply with directives and reduce the spread as we await the results of the suspected cases. And lets understand to self quarantine when we are told in the future we are positive but don’t require admission. Knowledge is key in situations like this.

Lets be positive GOD’S GOT US



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