COVID 19 has taught us to be self reliant, despite challenges – Kwame Adinkrah


‘It’s a good sign to know that our political leaders are currently looking within the country for solutions, as the world battles COVID-19 with the each for himself, God for all mentality.’

These were the words of Ace broadcaster and award winning Morning Show Host, King Luthur Kwame Adinkrah on Tuesday, April 7,2020.

During a commentary on ‘Pure Morning Drive’, the show host stated that Ghana is on it’s way to become self reliant as the country now falls on local businesses for production; taking into account the production of hand sanitisers, nose masks, hand washing basins and others.

‘Now we’re not relying on foreign countries for mask and sanitizers because we’re all affected. Government is looking up to our local people for production of these stuff. and to me, that’s a good sign. Currently Japan is supporting America with nose masks. How do you then ask them for support? He queried.

‘This pandemic has also taught the world to rely on each other. It’s a global canker and together we fight it to victory. So if you ask me; it’s a two way traffic – watch my back, i watch yours’ he added

Accessing the impact of the pandemic on some sensitive areas of the Ghanaian economy, Mr. Adinkrah pointed out 3 areas badly affected.


Most economic activities in the country have frozen or stopped completely. Schools have been closed. Several income generation activities are on a standstill, nothing seem to be moving, all these as means of minimizing the spread of the disease. In Ghana only a handful of people are in the formal sectors. The rest survives on daily sales. so you can imagine the impact.


Mr Adinkrah said: As a country,we risk a looming food crisis, unless measures are taken fast to protect the most vulnerable, keep food supply chains alive and mitigate the pandemic’s impacts across the food system.

Border closures, quarantines, and market, supply chain and trade disruptions could restrict people’s access to sufficient sources of food. As of now, disruptions are minimal as food supply has been adequate and markets have been stable so far. However, prices of food is very high and there’s likely to be shortage of food if the pandemic persist in the days ahead.


‘HMM! he sighed: The media industry has been hit badly. As a broadcaster and a Business Manager, I can tell you that we’ve been hit by the whole pandemic coupled with the lockdown. We had sports betting companies, night clubs, and restaurants advertising with us. But they had to pull down contracts because we’re locked down. Currently sporting activities are halted worldwide, night clubs and restaurants closed down. As to how much we’re losing is a story for another time. huge sums!.’

There are more advantages and disadvantages to this pandemic. i.e the new Ghana that will emerge after covid 19 must be one that is ready to make decisions towards being self-reliance to shape the fortunes of today’s generation, he stressed.

He called on Ghanaians both home and essential workers on the field to observe all World Health Organisation’s protocols on covid 19, – #Stayhome, #WashHands #KeepPersonalHygiene and stop the spread while ‘we pull resources, ideas and efforts together to gel into a powerful economic force that calls the shots’.

It is time to leverage already existing technology, re-engineer our self-belief, capabilities that will propel the country towards transformation he added.

Source: Ghana|


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