COVID-19 : Extreme social distancing in force in Juaso following death of Obour’s father


Residents of Juaso, the capital of Asante Akyem South District in the Ashanti Region have been compelled to observe extreme social distancing while putting themselves under voluntary lock down after the late father of popular musician, Bice Osei Kuffuor aka ‘Obuor’, tested positive for Coronavirus hours before his demise.

Majority of the residents of the once busy town, now spend the days in their rooms or at worse, at the forecourts of their houses distancing themselves from each other in a manner that one has to shout when having a normal conversation with another.

Angel News’ reporters who visited Juaso confirmed that there is conspicuous expression of real fear and anxiety on the faces of the residents who are now scared of getting closer to each other.

“Many shops are locked, most taxi drivers are not working for the fear of getting the virus through infected Ghana cedi notes. The Chief (Obour’s father), might have given money to a lot of people in this town after he returned home from a trip outside the country, and the same currency notes are circulating around”, the residents expressed.

Most drinking spots, provision shops and other businesses are not operational due to the fear that their patrons may infect them when they come around or hand over monies to them.

One opinion leader who spoke to Angel News on condition of anonymity was worried “that residents who have non-communicable diseases are scared of going to the Juaso Government Hospital for treatment since it is alleged that Nana Osei Boansi Kuffour (Obour’s father) sought medical attention at the hospital before being taken to the Ridge Hospital where he passed on.

They fear some of the health staff there might have taken the man’s illness to be any ordinary one and might not have observed all the precautions needed in handling COVID-19 patients.

The Juaso residents are alleging that there are still in the town, some people who are close pals of the deceased’s son, Obour, who have not reported themselves to the health officials for testing despite their frequent contacts with the celebrity when he was in the community to care for his father; a situation they deem very dangerous for the entire community.

They are urging the Ghana Health Service and the Ghana’s COVID-19 team to make sure all the quarantined individuals picked from Juaso are tested severally to ascertain their true status before allowing those who test negative to return to the Juaso town.

They are also urging the two bodies to come back to the Juaso Community to do further contact tracing.

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