COVID-19: Don’t lose sight of Non-Communicable Diseases – GNCDA


The Ghana Non-Communicable Disease Alliance has advised the citizenry not to lose sight of the fact that even in the wake of Covid-19, equal attention must be given to the treatment/management of the Non-Communicable Diseases (Cancers, Hypertension, Stroke, Diabetes, Sickle Cell Disease, Mental Health Disease, etc.).

The Chairperson of the Ghana Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance (GNCDA), Dr. Mrs. Beatrice Wiafe Addai who is also the President of Breast Care International has urged all and sundry to be mindful of the fact that persons living with the Non-Communicable Diseases must not relent in their efforts to adhering to their treatment schedules given them by their various health practitioners as it is the surest way of living longer., and prevent complications.

In a statement to draw the country’s attention to this serious matter, GNCDA said it would like to add its voice to that of all other health experts who have been dealing with Covid-19 and have suggested that those with weak immune systems stand the greater risk of battling the novel Covid-19; but a stronger immune system will be an advantage in these times.

“Furthermore, the WHO has also opined that those with other health challenges or with co-morbidities stand a higher risk compared to those who have no known previous health issues.

It is on this backdrop that GNCDA is reminding the citizenry with Non-Communicable health conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancers, stroke among others to adhere religiously to taking their medications.

It is important to note that Covid-19 came to meet all the other ailments and may vanish while the others still exist. Sticking to your prescriptions is the surest way of living your life without being killed by a disease that could otherwise have been managed”, the statement added.

The Ghana Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance has congratulated all frontline health workers and all those involved in fighting COVID-19 and while congratulating them on their dent of hard work so far, reminded them to pay attention to all the other NCDs even in difficult times with co-operation from all relevant stakeholders.

“It is the hope of the Ghana NCD Alliance, that Ghana shall survive these seemingly turbulent times”, the statement concluded.

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