Greater inconvenience is coming if NIA stops registration – A-G argues amidst coronavirus outbreak


The Attorney-General has insisted, that despite a coronavirus outbreak, the registration exercise for the Ghana card must go on because the identity card will be crucial to vote in December.

This position was contained in its response to a suit demanding the National Identification Authority suspend its controversial registration exercise in the Eastern region.

Deputy Attorney-General Godfred Dame’s statement of the government’s defence said the NIA had instituted strict hygienic measures meant to ensure that the exercise does not become an infection ground for the deadly covid-19.

He accused the plaintiffs -Emmanuel Akumatey and Kevor Mark-Oliver- of a “deliberate misconstruction” of the president’s directive, banning public gatherings in the wake of the infections.

The deputy A-G said the president’s directives, issued March 15, 2020, excluded certain classes of businesses and other workplaces.

He prayed the court to dismiss the injunction application, describing it as “grossly unmeritorious and unwarranted.”

The Attorney-General also asked the court for an early hearing because the NIA exercise is an urgent national objective.

The court is expected to hear the case in two weeks. But Godfred Dame wants a quick showdown Thursday.

The NIA suspended the exercise last Saturday after learning of the injunction application.

Source: Theghanareport


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