VIDEO: SHS students create touch-free Veronica bucket to help fight coronavirus


A group of students from the Obuasi Secondary Technical School have made a hand free Veronica bucket to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Unlike the normal Veronica bucket, one does not need to turn on the tap before water would flow.

Rather, the artifact is designed in a way that, once you place your hand beneath the tap, the water begins to automatically flow.

This invention ensures that people are able to wash their hands using water from the Veronica bucket without touching its tap.

Interestingly, once the hand is pulled away from the tap, the water also stops running.

The invention was made by the robotics team of the Obuasi Secondary Technical School, with guidance from one of their teachers.

“This is a COVID-19 prevention electronic bucket…the main aim of designing this bucket is to allow people to avoid touching tap of the bucket since the virus can be transferred when an infected person touches the bucket,” one of the students said in a demonstration video.

Watch the video below:


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