ABN ‘pushes’ Covid-19 away with Prayer Marathon


As part of the National Fasting and prayer day declared by the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Angel Broadcasting Network is dedicating a 24 hour radio airtime to seek God’s intervention as the country battles the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

Beginning 6:30 am Wednesday, Pastors from Church of Pentecost, Blessed Bible Church, Presby, Methodist, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Apostle Continuation and a host others will be scheduled to take listeners through various prayer topics on behalf of the nation.

Joining the ABN Prayer Marathon is Rev. J.K Mensah of Blessed Bible Church, Pastor Afrifa, Rev. Kofi Owusu, Prophet Agaspa, Pastor Wiredu , Apostle Ohene Toah, Very Rev. Bruce and Prophet Victor Boateng.

The Muslim community will also have their turn at noon.

Hashtag Push Covid 19 Away (#PushCovid19Away), the one day program will be aired on all subsidiary stations across the country.

The program will be broadcast live from Angel Fm Kumasi – Headquarters of ABN.

The Business Development Manager for Angel Broadcasting Network, Mr. Edmund Bandoh who issued the notice said the motive behind the program is to get listeners to pray for the nation wherever they find themselves on Wednesday.

“This is a national issue and as part of our cooperate social responsibility management decided to dedicate a day to pray vigorously to seek the face of God in this trying times. Again, listeners who may want to join us can do so from the confines of their homes, offices, markets or wherever they find themselves”.

Source: Angelfmonlinegh.com| 2020


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