Test COA FS efficacy over COVID-19 – Manufacturer begs Government


The manufacturer of an immune booster and viral load suppressor, Centre of Awareness (COA), has called on the government to assist with scientific confirmation of the potential of the supplement to suppress COVID-19 to boost national preparedness to prevent an outbreak of the disease in Ghana.

It said certified by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), COA FS, which is currently undergoing further scientific investigation locally and internationally to establish its efficacy to cure the human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV) and other viruses, could also be a potential solution to COVID-19.

Addressing a press conference in Accra last Monday, the Executive President of the Centre of Awareness (COA FS) Global Peace Mission, Prof. Samuel Ato Duncan (H.C.), said the call was premised on the fact that samples of COA FS products sent to China about two weeks ago to be tried on some COVID-19 affected persons were yielding positive results.

“We sent some COA FS products to China just about two weeks ago to try on coronavirus patients and information reaching us indicates that there has been a significant improvement in the condition of some infected patients who were given COA FS products. Even though it is good news, to us it is not scientific, hence not conclusive,” he explained.

He said that was why, due to the cost involved in such scientific investigations to authenticate the cure potency, the centre was appealing to the government to leverage the capacity of the World Health Organisation (WHO), the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research (NMIMR) of the University of Ghana and other local and international research institutions to conduct further research into COA FS to confirm its clinical potency as soon as possible.

Prof. Duncan said besides being registered with the FDA, COA FS had undergone rigorous scientific laboratory analysis by nationally and internationally recognised research institutions, including the Mampong Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine, Akuapem-Mampong, and the NMIMR.

He said the COA FS had the ability to fight the virus, as prescribed by the WHO, because it could smoke them out from their hideouts in the bloodstream and tissues.

The COA FS also boosted the immune system to fight the smoked-out virus, he added.

“The human body is designed to heal itself if only one can allow it to do so. The COVID-19 is not an exception to this,” Prof. Duncan stated, adding that augmenting the immune system was necessary for the elimination of the virus.

The Centre of Awareness Global Peace Mission had, for the past 15 years, developed an organic antiviral supplement that had three dimensional effects to combat a wide spectrum of viral infections and had qualified for clinical trials in Ghana, he said.


He said the three-dimensional effects of COA FS herbal medicines were oral, intramuscular and intravenous administration.

“The intravenous administration kills viruses in free circulating blood. It has also been established that intravenous administration can stimulate the immune system very fast. These three ways of administration can eliminate viruses from the human body, initiating cure. We believe that it could be the solution to coronavirus infections (COVID-19),” he added.

Potential COVID solution

A video documentary shown at the conference had researchers from the NMIMR, the University of Cape Coast, the University of Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, and other institutions that had conducted research into COA FS products testifying that they had an 80 per cent ability of reducing viral load within 12 hours of administration to undetectable levels.

The scientists said due to their viral load suppression ability to near non recognition levels, further investigation would help improve on the drugs to become a cure for viral and bacterial infections and other forms of immune-suppressing health conditions, such as coronavirus and affect the COVID-19.

Health sector meeting

Meanwhile, the Ghana Health Service (GHS) has met with Regional Directors of Health to review their preparedness against COVID-19 in the regions to ensure that all gaps in the national surveillance system are addressed and improved by the day.

Briefing the media after the meeting, the Director-General of the GHS, Dr Patrick Kumah Aboagye, said reports he had received indicated that the government’s directive to health directorates to designate holding and treatment centres was on course.

“Some of these centres are ready, while others are at various stages of completion. We cannot be absolutely ready at any given time; preparedness is a process and we must all appreciate that no matter how robust and all-responsive a system may be, there will always be room for improvement,” he said.


Dr Aboagye said public education at the community level was also being intensified through a number of means, such as the use of the local languages at most public gatherings in the regions.

“Continuous training of staff is also ongoing. Health screening measures at the Kotoka International Airport, including the thermal thermometers, as well as observation to pick other symptoms, such as difficulty in breathing, flu and others, have been replicated at all points of entry,” he said.

Dr Aboagye gave an assurance that Ghana was more than prepared to pick unsuspected cases, as well as prevent an outbreak, adding, however, that “we will never be complacent. We are working with international partners to keep improving”.

He called on the public not to panic but continue to imbibe basic hygiene, such as frequent washing of hands with soap under clean running water, not sneezing in the open and coughing into the inner part of the elbow.

Source: Daily Graphic


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