Auction cars: NPP organiser aspirant allegedly dupes victims GHC100k at Jubilee House


A former aspiring youth organizer for the governing New Patriotic Party, NPP in the North East Region Godwin Nayaw Bamiah Yombu has defrauded a number of people to the tune of GhC100,000 under the pretext of securing them auction vehicles.

The victims some of whom are members of the NPP paid amounts ranging from GHC7,500 to GHC18,000 to Godwin who according to them claimed was a special aide to deputy chief of staff Samuel Abu Jinapor and Executive secretary to the President Nana Asante Bediatuo. The victims, all males, said they gave the amounts to Godwin at the Jubilee House.

They were later made to wait at the reception while Godwin went in to see his bosses. He returned with that story chits for the vehicles were not ready. The victims after the payments were taken to the Tema harbor by Godwin ostensibly to select a vehicle of their choice out of many packed there. Auction day came only for the victims to look on at the Tema port for others to be given their chosen vehicles one after the other. One victim told Starr News he paid for 2 cars but yet to get hold of Godwin months after parting with the money.

”I paid 18,500 for 2 vehicles. I got to know him through a cousin of mine in Saudi [Saudi Arabia]. He is my cousin so he asked me to crosscheck. So I made the payment to Godwin through her. When we met him he [Godwin] said he worked at the flagstaff house and was in contact with Abu Jinapor. So the money was paid outside the flagstaff house, at the car park and then we went inside to wait for him at a waiting area. Fifteen minutes later Godwin came back and said he was working on the chit and that we can go back. But the money I gave him was in dollars so he said he had to go and change the money first and I agreed so we all left. It was 16,000 in cash. So 4 days later he called asking for the balance but I refused initially. I paid the balance and since then he has been making excuses whenever we call. ”

Another victim narrates how Godwin uses names of NPP bigwigs to extract the amounts from his victims.

”My brother who is a friend of Godwin introduced us to him. So we went to the harbor to select the car we want then from there we made the payment at the flagstaff house about 10 of us. We were told he deals with Abu Jinapor, Sammy Awuku and Nana Bediatuo but we never met them. The overall amount would be over 100,000 cedis, I paid for two other people, I personally paid 8,500 and the other deposited 2,000. He only showed us a flyer of him contesting for North-East NPP youth organizer. He said because he did not win, he was in charge of the auction cars. We trusted him because he met him at the reception of the flagstaff house ”.

A mechanic who whose services were employed to inspect one of the said cars ended up paying 7,500 cedis a car he never had.

”I was a mechanic for Mr. Abu. I went there [harbor] to check a car for them. The whole story is that they are selling it if you are interested then you pay the amount. So I went and I checked his own for him and I also asked can I get one? He said yes. So he charged me for my own. But I was told I had to take mine for bodyworks so they said my own was 8,500 cedis so I paid the money that particular day to Godwin. Abu also paid 19,000 cedis. He even took us to the flagstaff House. We went there he asked us to sit at the reception and he entered for sometime before he came out with a story the chits will be ready in days for us to go for our cars.”

According to the victims, a promise by Godwin to refund their monies has not been redeemed for months now.

When Starr News contacted Godwin Nayaw Bamiah Yombu he declined comments on the allegations.

Source: Starr FM


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