NPP Primaries: Addai Nimo’s ‘selfish interest’ caused violent clash at Mampong – MP


Six persons were injured during a free-for-all fight in the Asante Mampong Constituency in the Ashanti Region on February 19, 2020.

This was after supporters of two parliamentary aspirants eyeing the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary slot clashed over the filing of nomination forms.

On ‘Pure Morning Drive’ on Tuesday, the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Sarpong Ampratwum blamed a former Mp and an aspirant, Addai Nimoh for instigating the clash.

The MP told Kwame Adinkra, host of the morning show that his opponent’s selfish interest is costing the party in the constituency.

“If you wish your party well and want to see it prosper, you don’t go about telling lies but rather take steps that puts the party on the spotlight. You should see the bigger picture, not your individual selfish and parochial interest that you’ve an ambition for 2024.

“Brilliant, Hallelujah! we all need to have an ambition, is a good one. [But] don’t allow that ambition to destroy a party that you want to lead in 2024. You don’t do that by trying to keep your name in the media space. You foment trouble and come back to play the victim.”

“I contested when Addai Nimo was incumbent and was denied sale of the forms. Kwabena Agyapong was secretary then. I never passed a comment on that. Not even a single person heard of this. I wouldn’t say it proper if genuinely he was denied sale of forms. I don’t sell forms and neither am I regional party chair to decide whether or not to sell forms to someone,” he said.

He appealed to his contender to desist from ‘feeding the public space’ with stories that destroys the party.

“Look, Addai Nimo was out there feeding public space with all sort of stories and seeking public sympathy, destroying and bringing the name of the party into disrepute. A party you want to lead. I’ll appeal to him to desist from that habit. who does that?” he queried.

Mr Addai-Nimo and the incumbent MP, Sarpong Ampratwum, were scheduled to submit their nomination forms at different times but the former MP’s forms were twice rejected by the constituency election committee without reasons, when it was submitted by a delegation.

Meanwhile, Mr. Addai Nimo has successfully filed nomination forms to contest the Mampong seat and set to go through vetting.

Source: Ghana | | NY Nyarko | 2020


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