Kumasi: KMA vows to revoke permit of Street Preachers if…


The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has threatened to revoke the licenses of street preachers in the metropolis especially Central Business District (CBD) over continuous fight between the preachers.

The metropolis over the years has recorded several fights between street preachers in the city over space.

KMA had been accused by the residents of aiding noise pollution in the CBD in Kumasi.

KMA Environmental, Health and Sanitation Director Mr Isaac Bassanyin in an exclusive interview with Pure FM’s Ambassador Osei Kwadwo said KMA indeed issued permit to the street preachers but have inspected their gadgets to make sure it is not harmful to the public.

“We have our monitoring team who are always on the grounds to check noise making in the city especially by the street preachers. The problem we were facing was that our monitoring team vehicle grounded but it has been repaired. Very soon we will let the monitoring check noise situation in the metropolis,” Mr. Bassanyin said.

He continued that the said street preachers in the metropolis have been directed to operate within a regulated noise decibel.

According to Mr. Bassanyin, it is illegal for street preachers to preach after 10:00am in the metropolis especially in the CBD.

“Street preaching in the CBD is expected to cease by 10 am. After 10 am it becomes illegal per our regulations. We have had several complains about street preachers preaching in the afternoon and evening in the metropolis. Now that our monitoring team is about to hit the street, all the preachers preaching after 10 am will face the law.

“Those preaching in communities like Santasi station, Ahodwo and others, those one are illegal because we don’t issue permits to preachers to preach in communities. We will go after them and they will surely face the law,” he said.

Mr Bassanyin explained to Ambassador Osei Kwadwo that KMA has had several meetings with the leadership of the preachers over fight between the members.

“We issue permit to them but we do not give them the exact space they should preach after the permit. Preaching the word of God can be done at anywhere you see people. Seriously, I get confused when I hear that preachers are fighting over space but per our discussion with their leadership, their license will be revoked if the fight over space continues,” he warned.

Source: Ghana | Angelfmonlinegh.com | Osei Kwadwo


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