Take advantage of corona virus outbreak to promote local products – Gov’t advised


The Ghanaian market is currently being flooded with different kinds of imitated and substandard commodities which are mostly imported from China into the country.

In view of this, Government of Ghana have been advised to use the spread of corona virus outbreak in China as a bait to promote made in Ghana products.

Speaking on ‘Pure Morning Drive’ hosted by Kwame Adinkra, senior lecturer at the Kumasi Technical University (KTU), Dr Forkuoh said it will be in the interest of the nation to substitute Chinese imported goods for local products.

“This is the right time for Ghana to take advantage. Because day in day out we protest the quality of goods imported from China…even chicken from China we protest. So why don’t government take advantage of their current crises to boost local production and promote made in Ghana goods?

“We need to take advantage and do local substitution. So if businesses are unable to bring down goods from china what do we do as a country? Kwame, instead of lamenting we rather take advantage . The local fabric industries can also boost their market since the refurbished ones are no longer in the system.

“The news I’m getting is that Ghana has become self reliant in rice production after Nigeria closed it borders. If that’s true then i think we’re getting there gradually”, he said.


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