Minority Demands Arrest And Prosecution Of Environment Minister Over Missing Excavators


The Minority in Parliament are calling for the arrest and prosecution of the minister of Environment, Technology and Science, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng over some missing excavators.

Addressing the press today, the minority say it’s not enough that the Central Regional vice chairman of the NPP, Horace Ekow Ewusi and five others are  the only ones who has been arrested.

Minority Spokesperson on Mines, Adam Mutawakilu said the Minister breached the mining act when he gave the NPP Vice-chair the responsibility to move the excavators when the law states clearly who should take responsibility for them.

“The Minerals and Mining Act (2015) Section 99 (5) is clear as to where a seized excavator or confiscated excavator should be put. It states clearly that when equipment or products are seized, they should be kept in the custody of the police.

“In this case, the law was put aside and the Minister decided to have his own law as to where the excavators should be put because of the intention to ensure that these excavators vanish for their own selfish interests,” he said.

The Damongo MP further explained what should be done to such seized equipment.

Section 99 (7) of the same law, he said confiscated equipment should, within 60 days, be distributed or allocated to public institutions and gazetted for the public to have full knowledge of where each has been taken to.

“If you breach the law and someone takes advantage of you breaching the law to also breach the law, why must you arrest that person. He [Prof Frimpong Boateng] should be arrested, for first of all, breaching the law and paving the way for others.”

On Tuesday, the police released a statement announcing the arrest of six persons in connection with the missing excavators that had been seized from illegal miners.

Their arrest comes on the back of a letter from Prof. Frimpong Boateng to the CID asking for the commencement of investigation into the missing excavators.


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