Commissioning of ambulances: Akufo Addo will invite Trump if he builds hospital – Yamin


A former Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, Joseph Yamin has expressed shock at the recent commissioning of 307 ambulances procured by government for distribution across various constituencies in the country.

In his opinion, such acts only puts the country in a bad light and must not be encouraged.

In an interview with, Yamin stated that the commissioning is a sign that government is incompetent and has failed.

 “Akufo Addo has no achievement except for the purchase of ambulances. When next he builds a hospital, he’ll invite Trump for commissioning,” he said.

He also stated that the ambulances will be purposeless if the government does not complete the construction of abandoned hospitals.

“He should tell us how many hospitals he has built, none! Yet Hospitals constructed by John Mahama are been left to rot. Oh! So he’s shy to commission hospitals but organizes funfairs to commission ambulance?,” he quizzed.

The former Deputy NADMO coordinator said Ghanaians are being subjected to deception, insensitivity and leadership paralysis by the Akufo-Addo government.

“With all the hardship in this country, you spend so much money in organizing funfairs because you’ve purchased ambulances with taxpayer’s money for the taxpayer…such wasteful venture” He added.



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