2019 HMA: Security analyst, Adib Saani honoured at Hyperlink Media Awards


Security Analyst and the Executive Director, Jatikay Center for Human Security and Peace Building, Adib Saani has been honored with a remarkable Security Analyst in the just ended 2nd Edition of the 2019 Hyperlink media Awards on the year.

The Hyperlink Media Awards which has been in existence for the past two years with the aim to honor Journalists, media houses and other personalities for their truth and accountability role in governance of the country.

Mr. Adib Saani being was recognized as the best and regular contributor towards educating the public on national security issues and making himself available to all media houses in the country.

Mr. Saani expressing his excitement for this recognition honor on his WhatsApp status wrote “I appreciate the recognition, the little I can do for God and country.”

Mr Saani in addition dedicated the award to his Godfather, “King Chak”

Source: Angel FM | Patrick Gyennin


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