Gridlock in Commonwealth JCR elections


The declaration of the results in the just held Commonwealth Hall Junior Common Room elections has been suspended indefinitely pending the resolution of allegations of irregularities raised by some parties.

The various candidates in the elections held on Friday [November 22] will have to wait for some time to know the outcome of the polls conducted in the Hall.

The election held to elect a new crop of executives for the next year hit a snag after disputes and minor disagreements hit the counting of ballots after polls.

Residents of the Hall throng out in their numbers to witness the counting of ballots. Representatives and supporters of some candidates raised serious questions concerning the total number of votes at Polling Station A.

They claim the total number of votes counted far exceeds the total number of votes cast hence prevented the electoral officials from declaring the results in the specific Polling station.

The Electoral Commissioner Mr. Zanu Emmanuel held on the results and indicated that he will be in talks with the various representatives of the respective candidates to thrash out all outstanding issues.

Some residents of the Hall allege a conspiracy to rig the election in favor of a particular presidential candidate.

Over 4 hours after the close of poll, the electoral commission of the JCR has not announced even provisional results.

For now, the 8 candidates vying for the 4 JCR Executive offices in Commonwealth Hall, together with other residents will have to wait for some time to know the outcome of the polls.

The presidency was contested between Daniel Nii Adjei, Barnabas Mensah and Ayumah Seth Sandys – all third year students.

Source: Universe Newsroom


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