2020 elections: New political party, PUP formed


Clad in all yellow T-shirts with white stripes at the neck and hands, the young men and women clapped and shouted ‘power’ ‘power’ to show their love for the new party.

PUP…Power, they shouted in unison as they welcomed the founder of the Power Union Party (PUP) to give his first speech to the delegates.

Prophet Eliyahu Boateng, a Pastor and his wife, Gifty Boateng considered founding the party to help liberate Ghanaians from the shackles of poverty, disease and above all, capture the reigns of power and rule Ghanaians.

Mrs Boateng encouraged the few members gathered in an auditorium at the Maglab Hotel to work to ensure that the party comes to power as ‘the party was founded based on the directions of God’.

“His Excellency conceived this idea in 2015, many fought this vision but today, I can boldly announce that PUP is a registered political party in Ghana” she narrated.

The leader of True Way church which is headquartered in London pledged to ensure that he fights to win political power.

“PUP aims to continue with the good works of Ghanaian leaders right from Nkrumah to Akufo-Addo; what we will do differently is that we won’t repeat their mistakes…,” he said.

The PUP founder further noted that the party’s main focus will be to improve Agriculture ‘so that with Agriculture, we can develop several of our towns into cities and help curve rural-urban migration’.

Land tenure system, Prophet Boateng who’s already earned the title, His Excellency, from his followers further pledged will be dealt with so that there won’t be ‘any land litigation and also to stop people from building in water ways.’

Unemployment, the PUP founder said will be a thing of the past because ‘PUP holds the key to unemployment situation in the country’.

“The PUP will for instance put up a very big school, train tailors and seamstresses and employ people who graduate so they can sew apparels for export…can you imagine the number of people that can be gainfully employed as a result,?” he queried.

Security, he added, is major issue that will be dealt with by the PUP government insisting the era when Ghanaians die or are kidnapped will be a thing of the past.

“How can the two Canadian girls be found within days of being kidnapped but the three missing Takoradi girls remain missing?,” he queried.

The PUP government, will ensure that the free SHS is expanded so that education will be free at all levels.

“Ghanaian youth, please wake up and ensure that PUP forms the next government to change the destiny of this country…,” he said to a thudurous applause.


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