Provide solutions to Ghana’s tramadol abuse and sanitation challenges before considering decriminalizing ‘wee’ – Pastor


The head pastor of the Assemblies of God in Koforidua, Rev. David Owusu-Boateng has called on Parliamentarians to help control the excessive abuse of tramadol and the sanitation problems in the country before considering a debate on decriminalizing ‘wee’ in the country.

The man of God who was once a drug addict said he has continuously wondered why a country which has not yet controlled the abuse of tramadol and the problem with waste management in the country will want to consider the legalisation of marijuana.

According to Pastor Owusu-Boateng who is also the National Director of Teen Challenge, Ghana the country must first have a solution to the use of hard drugs in the country before considering legalising an illicit substance called ‘wee’.

“Tramadol became popular about three years ago and has already destroyed most of the youth in the country but we have still not been able to regulate its usage, instead of doing this, we are rather considering decrimilisation of wee…,” he said.

The man of God additionally called on the nation to have a remedy for the sanitation problems in the country first.

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