Start arresting Lawyers and Doctors who smoke ‘wee’ – Kwesi Pratt challenges Police


Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has questioned the rationale behind the security agencies decision to arrest only ‘small fishes’ caught smoking ‘weed’ in the country.

The veteran journalist challenged the security agencies to start arresting the ‘big men’ who also smoke the illicit substance as well.

“Why are the big dealers not being arrested and it is only the small ones? We all know there are some big men who smoke; lawyers, doctors, civil and public servants but why are they not being arrested and only the poor and the disadvantaged? Meanwhile, there are other countries who have given people license to cultivate marijuana” he challenged on Peace FM on Friday.

Kwesi Pratt threw the challenge while commenting on the calls for the legalisation of marijuana in the country.

The journalist who has been a long time advocate for the legalisation of the plant said he is shocked the security men in the country only arrest ‘small fishes’ and not the big men in tie who smoke weed in the country.

Kwesi Pratt’s call for the legalisation of the illicit substance was in reaction to a report by the Parliamentary Committee on Defence and Interior is recommending the decriminalization of the possession and use of marijuana (wee).

“Ghana needs to take a cue from other progressive countries and consider alternatives to punishment or incarceration of people who use the drug and other alternatives to ending the criminalization of people who use drugs. Criminalization of drug use and possession has led to the arrest prosecution and incarceration of thousands of Ghanaians across the country,” the report noted.

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