VIDEO: Parts of Tema Motorway submerged after hours of downpour in the capital


Parts of major roads in the capital, Accra, have been flooded following hours of torrential rains in the city.

The main Accra-Tema motorway has been part of the roads that has been left flooded leading to vehicular traffic on the busy link.

Motorists and other road users who could not maneuver their ways through the flood waters have had to divert their routes.

Below is a video of the flooding on the motorway:

The SCC Junction to the Old Barrier section of the main Accra-Kasoa road is also flooded.

Commuters have had to either employ the services of others to ‘swim’ through the flood waters or abandon their plans of making it to the other side of the flood waters in general.

Angel News roving reporters have also reported of flooding in other parts of the capital.

Source: Ghana |


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