Govt’s decision to cancel PDS concession agreement ‘perfect’ – KT Hammond


Former Deputy Minister for Energy, Kobina Tahir Hammond has applauded government’s decision to terminate the concession agreement between Power Distribution Service (PDS) and the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

According to the Adansi Asokwa MP, the decision of the government to terminate the contract was timely and hence applauded the President for taking such a bold decision to end the contract.

“The PDS guys wanted to shortchange Ghana but unlucky on their part, the government discovered their hidden motives and stripped them bare that is why they are so angry…,” he claimed.

The Legislator who has always been against the deal said the NPP, never liked privatization of electricity in Ghana since ex-President Kuffour’s regime.

In an interview with ABN Journalist, Prince Joe Boadi, the outspoken MP, the withdrawal of the $190m million dollars by the US government will not in anyway affect Ghana.

KT Hammond seized the opportunity to appeal to government to support ECG by paying their debts owed them.

He was optimistic that ECG can equally do better when given the necessary support by government and Ghanaians.

“ECG prior to the PDS deal was owing almost everyone particularly those who produced power for them to use but most people also owed ECG particularly government agencies…if we all decide to settle these debts, ECG will do well…,” he said.

He further appealed to government to put in place a new and competent management for ECG so they come become viable once more.

To him, losing $190 million as a nation wont cost the country that much adding that the relationship between Ghana and USA go beyond this and still hope that, the Americans will still support Ghana in a different way soon after resolving this issues over PDS agreement.

“Are we saying that Ghana as a country will go hungry because America has decided not to give us a $190 million? I believe they will assist us in another form, at least we will sought this one out…,” he said.

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