ECG assumes full control of electricity distribution; PDS pushed out


The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has announced that it has terminated Private Sector Participation Transaction Agreements with Power Distribution Services Ghana Limited (PDS).

As a result, ECG has now taken ‘assumed full operational and financial control of the electricity distribution business in the Southern Zone of Ghana with immediate effect.’

In a press release copied to, the company announced that it has take over all activities which were hitherto undertaken by PDS.

These activities, the statement listed as including: Metering, Billing, Distribution of bills, Bill reconciliation, Revenue collection, New Service connections and Disconnections and re-connections.

Others are faulty meter replacements, Network faults and repairs, Network Operations, Maintenance, Expansion and Rehabilitation, Complaints and fault reporting to the call centres and any other related services.

“In this regard, all payments in respect of power purchases and other related activities should take place at: ECG Regional and District Offices, ECG existing Customer Service Centres, ECG licensed vending stations, ECG operated Cash Points and ECG authorised Banks…,” the statement directed.

The management of ECG further directed that “all cheques issued in respect of power purchases and other related activities should be in the sole name of Electricity Company of Ghana Limited.”

All assets currently in the name of PDS, the statement continued should be reverted to ECG with immediate effect and will be rebranded in accordance with the decision over the next few weeks.

The statement concluded by assuring that “ECG will continue to provide quality electricity services to our cherished customers and stakeholders. All enquiries should be directed to ECG Call Centre No. 0302611611 and existing social media handles.”

Source: Ghana | | KWAKU NTI


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