Breaking News: Ten injured in violent demo at KTI, school properties destroyed


There has been a violent demonstration on the campus of Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI) which has led to the destruction of several school properties, can report.

At least ten students sustained varied degrees of injuries after final year students of Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI) staged a violent demonstration on the campus of the institute on Sunday evening.

The students were protesting what they described as an attack on a final year student of the school by a teacher for wearing ‘non-prescribed’ uniform.

Pure FM’s Osei Kwadwo who is currently in the school reported that the student at the centre of the demonstration was allegedly attacked by the teacher after he resisted efforts by the teacher to take the non-prescribed uniform from him.

In the process, the student’s mobile phone was said to have fallen from his bag which the teacher seized as according to the teacher, it was against the rules of the institute for students to be keeping mobile phones.

The student who was unhappy with this development reportedly broke into the school’s store room, took away various weapons including machetes and started destroying school properties.

Items destroyed included poly tanks, furniture and several others. Glass doors to some classrooms and offices were also broken down by the demonstrating students.

The action of the students which happened around 21:00 hrs GMT led the Police to storm the campus in an attempt to calm down the demonstrating students.

Up to ten persons were said to have been injured in the process and several others arrested by the Police for demonstrating and destroying school properties.

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