VIDEO: My father feared I’ll go to hell if I become a rapper – Eno


Rapper, Eno Barony has revealed that her father never liked the idea of her doing rap music because he feared she would go to hell as a result.

Speaking on Angel 102.5fm’s mid-morning programme, Y’Adwuma Nie hosted by DJ Ohemaa Woyeje, the curvy rapper revealed that her father is a Pastor and hence was against her decision to do rap music at the initial stage.

Besides, the father feared she was taking a part that would lead to destruction and as a preacher of the gospel, he was not willing to let her daughter travel that path.

Interestingly, her mother was in full support of her decision and offered all the necessary support.

“In the beginning, I never enjoyed the support of both parents, it was just my mum but now everything is cool. Society has the perception that once you’re a rapper, you are a rascal, and no one wants to watch the daughter go to hell.

She further added that she is still a Christian who believes she must do everything right to go to heaven.

Watch her full interview below:

Source: Ghana | | KWAKU NTI


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