Gov’t to procure more Aayalolo buses to ease traffic in Accra – Mayor


The Mayor of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah has hinted that the government plans to introduce more Aayalolo buses in the capital to discourage the use of single occupancy vehicles in the city.

This action, the Mayor said said will help curb traffic congestion in the city.

Road users have often expressed negative sentiments about the traffic situation in the capital with many complaining that they spend more man hours in traffic and that has had negative effects on the economy.

Addressing the plight of the road users, the AMA Boss said the government believes the introduction of more Aayalolo buses in the city will help ease traffic in the over-crowded city.

“We have re-launched the Aayololo buses and its working. Out of the 180 buses that we have, we’ve deployed close to 100 at the moment and by the end of the year, we will deploy all 180 buses on the road, so that single-occupancy vehicles that occupies about 60—70% of the road space will reduce to have more buses that can convey people to the city center,” he said.

The operation of the Aayaololo buses was halted in October last year due to financial constraints after two years of operation.

Over 150 buses were packed at the bus terminal at Achimota in Accra due to low patronage and strikes by drivers and other staff over unpaid salaries.

The Aayalolo buses resumed operation in June, 2019 with some being deployed in the Central Business Districts of Accra and Kumasi to convey passengers to and fro their places of work.

Source: Ghana | | Kwame Kyei, GIJ Intern


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