Angel News gets results as Madina Police arrests recalcitrant pedestrians


Constant reports by Angel News on the failure of the pedestrians in Madina-Adenta to use any of the footbridges provided yielded results when the Madina Police finally decided to take action.

The Police as part of efforts to end the haphazard killings on the highway decided to arrest recalcitrant pedestrians for who throw caution to the wind and cross the highway.

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On Wednesday morning, more than a 100 pedestrians were arrested by the Madina Police MTTD for trying to cross the highway instead of using the footbridges.

The arrested persons were granted bail but Police insists they would be prosecuted at the court of law for breaching Section 154(3) of the Road Traffic Acct.

According to Madina Divisional Commander of Motor Traffic Transport Department (MTTD), Supt Paul Wesley Baah, the arrested persons have been granted bail and will be processed soon.

When found guilty, the pedestrians will be fined 5 penalty units [60 cedis.

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