PHOTOS: Nigerian butchers brother, cages him over GHc20 credit


A thirty-one-year-old Nigerian, Mayor Harvard, has allegedly butchered his Nigerian brother Paul Tombowa for misusing his GHc 20 credit.

The incident happened at Agric-Kokode in the Kwadaso Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

Paul Tombowa, 26, who works for Mr. Harvard was caged inside dogs kennel for 3 days after he was butchered.

Pure Fm’s Osei Kwadwo Ambassador who visited Agric-Kokode community reported the victim was released today to go and fetch water at a nearby house.

The victim after his release reported his ordeal to some locals who stormed the house to go and arrest Mayor Havard.

They however did not find him in the house but later arrested him at Agric Cemetery.

“Mr. Harvard gave me GHc 20 for credit. He told me to use the credit within one month but I exhausted the credit within a week time. He told me to call him on phone and I told him that I don’t have credit then he started beating and butchering me,” Tombowa told Osei Kwadwo.

He continued that: “Mr. Harvard is not my brother. I am staying with him as a servant and due to that he maltreats me anyhow. Sometimes, I feel like going back to Nigeria but I don’t have money for transport.”

He added that he has been subjected to several ordeals including being slapped several times by his employer.

“Little mistake that I do, Mr. Harvard can slap me eight times. After he butchered me, he caged me for 3 days and later locked me inside my room to prevent me from telling anyone about what he did to me. I’m real feeling severe pains,” he said.

The narration by Tombowa incensed the residents of Agric-Kokode who nearly lynched Mayor Havard.

It took the intervention of an aspiring assembly member for Agric-Kokode electoral area, Wilson Sackey aka Arabs to save Mr. Harvard from the angry residents.

Mr. Harvard and his wife, Sarah Yeboah have been arrested by Suntreso Divisional Police Command for interrogation.

Source: Ghana | | Osei Kwadwo Ambassador, Pure FM, Kumasi


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