PHOTOS: Amanfrom Peace town school children ‘swim’ to school


Children residing around at Peace Town, near Amanfrom in the Bortianor-Ngleshie-Amanfrom constituency have had to take swimming lessons seriously in a quest to seek formal education.

The students on a daily basis swim to cross flood waters that have taken over a marshy area before getting to Amanfrom where they hope to access education.

Crossing the flooded marshy area has not come without a cost. Some pupils told Angel News that two of their colleagues died in the past years while attempting to cross the flood waters.

The school children who insist they are not prepared to bury a dozen more in the coming years have therefore appealed to the government to ensure that a bridge is constructed to save them for always risking their lives.

“We always have to cross the flood waters before we can board a vehicle to wherever we have to go and by the time we are done crossing the water, we will be wet so we are appealing to the government to come to our aid…,” one of the school children lamented.

They further threatened not to queue to cast a vote in the 2020 elections if the government fails to come to their aid.

Reacting to the complains of the students, the MP for the area, Habib Saed said the road had been awarded to a contractor and hoped the bridge will be completed in time to aid the residents.

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