Pedestrians ‘donate’ Madina-Adenta footbridges to beggars; jostle with drivers for space


Pedestrians and other road users in Madina-Adentan Municipality have now abandoned the five footbridges on the stretch and are instead jostling with drivers for space on the highway.

The pedestrians,’s Abigail Abekah Fynn observed during a visit to the location have not abandoned the habit of risking their lives to cross the busy road which links the Eastern side of the country to the capital.

Interestingly, the pedestrians who claim to be in a hurry all the time risk their lives to cross the road right under the footbridge.

“Pedestrians complain to us that the footbridge is too long and sometimes uses the road other than the footbridge because they are in a hurry,” a motorist who pleaded anonymity told

This risk is not always worth taken as some people have been knocked down by speeding vehicles as they attempted crossing the road.

The footbridges, which government had to resource contractors to ensure it becomes operational within five months now lies idle because the people who pressured the government into dispatching contractors now see it as a nuisance.

The Pedestrians complained that it is tiresome climbing the bridges that crossing the road.

Therefore, the decision to abandon it for use by beggars who have also made the place their home as that is where they sleep and with their kids.

Source: Ghana | | Abigail Abekah Fynn


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