IGP gives new directives to check extortion, unprofessional conduct by police


The Inspector General of Police, James Oppong-Boanuh has issued new directives to guide police traffic duties, highway patrols, barrier duties among others.

A statement from the police said the new directives were in response to numerous complaints from the public about unprofessional conduct of some officers.

The statement, signed by the Director of Public Affairs Department, ACP David Eklu said, all highway patrol, traffic, barriers, snap checks and others must be under supervision of senior police officers.

Such senior officers according to the Police Service, “should make themselves readily accessible to the public in order to receive complaints relating to extortions, deliberate delays of motorists, the use of uncivil language as well as publicly making political statements that have the propensity to compromise their neutrality as officers.”

The IGP has also constituted a special task force to conduct “periodic checks” on the roads.

The police statement said the task force will as part of their work interview drivers and passengers to collect further information on allegations such as unprofessional conduct by police officers.


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