PHOTOS: We’ll demonstrate and block deplorable Ablekuma-Manhean road if… – Residents warn


Sick and tired of the deadly main Ablekuma Curve-Manhean-Afuaman road and the insensitivity of successive governments, the youth within communities along this stretch of road have found a new way to vent their anger.

Interacting with them at the weekend, they stressed that the only way the current government [Akufo-Addo administration] will listen to them and fix their road is to block the main Ablekuma Curve-Manhean-Afuaman road including all access routes.

Albeit their envisioned action is illegal, they explained that the current state of the road is not one to be plied on by cars, hence their plan to block it to compel the powers-that-be to act with a sense of urgency!

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“We will use heavy metallic objects and concrete slabs to block the Ablekuma Curve-Afuaman road. We will do same to all access routes that link communities like Oduman, Nsakina, Joma, Alavanyo, Peace Village among others to the Afuman-Ablekuma Curve road linking to the Awoshie-Pokuase Highway.

But, before they implement their action, the visibly incensed youth disclosed that they will first begin with series of protests, all in an effort to impress upon the central government to fix their road.

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In an interview with a Unit Committee Member of Manhean Electoral Area, Daniel Aryee Aryeetey (aka Shiba Ray), who is also aspiring Assembly member, he could not fathom why this short distance has not been asphalted.

Consequently, he said he was in full support of the planned protests going to be embarked upon by the youth.

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“I want to state categorically that I am in support of any demonstration that will bring about the construction of the Ablekuma Curve-Manhean-Afuaman road,” Mr Aryeetey stressed.

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They made it clear that they will not be intimidated by the police this time around, warning that “we’ll only stop when our road is fixed!”

“We are prepared to go the extra mile to have the road asphalted!” they warned.

They also did not rule out burning lorry tyres on the road to catch the attention of the appropriate authorities.

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“Why do we pay taxes, tolls, levies to the central government, if not to use them to address issues like fixing deplorable roads in communities?” they asked.

According to the youth, they have been left to bear the brunt of the bumpy and pothole-stricken Ablekuma Curve-Manhean-Afuaman road for far too long.

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Indeed when our news team plied on the road over the weekend to ascertain the situation, it was observed that the road had gone from bad to worst with the setting in of the rains.

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Our team further observed that potholes on the road have become so wide and shallow that they are now receptacles for storing rain water any time it rains. A situation, they bemoaned, was seriously disrupting vehicular movements and causing on that stretch of road.

It was learnt that many commercial drivers have long ceased plying the Ablekuma Curve-Afuaman road.

And the reason is that the road is making them incur more costs, as they almost on daily basis take their cars to mechanics for repairs.

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In the view of the youth, the current Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Clement Nii Lamptey Winkinson, has woefully failed them, so far as the construction of the Ablekuma Curve-Afuman road is concerned.

The MCE interest, the youth intimated, has been to protect and shore up his political ambition. He could care less about the plights of his constituents, the youth averred.

“It is rather sad to see that these two gentlemen are playing politics with the road and toying with people’s precious lives”, a resident of Manhean, Kojo Essoun, lamented.

The Ablekuma Curve-Afuaman is a major road used by residents in Borkorborkor, Waakye Junction, Oduman, Paradise, Alavanyo, Tigo Pole, Peace Village, Manhean Village, Block Factory, Nsakina among other communities.

A road that should basically take drivers less than ten minutes to meet the Awoshie-Pokuase Highway has now become a major headache for commuters, causing widespread delays and body aches.

Credit: Ato Keelson, Today Newspaper


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