Our predictions now accurate so start taking our weather warnings seriously – Meteo PRO


The Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) has warned Ghanaians to start taking their weather warnings seriously as they now have modern equipment that enable them predict the weather more accurately.

The GMA have been releasing a series of weather warnings but Ghanaians hardly take them seriously as their predictions in the past hardly come to past.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of GMA, Papa Nii Clegg wants Ghnaians to start taking them seriously.

“Please start taking our weather warnings serious because we now have logistics to predict change in weather patterns more accurately…,” he said.

Ghana has been experiencing constant rainfall in recent times. Parts of the capital, Accra was flooded after the torrential rains.

Many had hoped that the rains will stop by the end of last Month, September, but the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMA) says otherwise.

According to the Nii Clegg, the torrential rains will continue up to the month of November.

He outlined that the rains will stop in the Northern belt of the country by the end of October; Southern Sector by the 2nd week in November and end in the middle belt by the last week of November.

Source: Ghana | Angelfmonlinegh.com


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