VIDEO: Man bonks hen to death


A man believed to be in his 20s has confessed to sleeping with a hen.

Francis Ampong who made the confession of Angel 102.5FM’s mid-morning show, ‘Y’Adwuma Nie’ hosted by DJ Ohemaa Woyeje said he bonked the hen through the anus.

Despite claiming he did not know what came over him, he claims to have obtained some maximum satisfaction after the sex.

Ampong who is asking spiritual help so he could be delivered from the attack, claimed he was coerced to do that after one of his friends confessed to having slept a duck.

He claimed that after the narration by his friend, he started having thoughts of sleeping with animals.

This thought did not go away even after he moved to work as a corn mill operator in a village in the Ashanti Region.

“Something entered into me all of a sudden so I took the hen and had sex with it, I did that after my friend convinced me that he has slept with a duck, I did not know my age by then because I do not have a birth certificate,” he said.

According to him, he rubbed his manhood with oil and saliva before he could penetrate the hen.

“Because it was my first time when I was ejaculating it looked like as if I was urinating,” he recounted.

He added that after he withdrew from the hen, the intestines of the hen gushed out of its anus and it died on the spot.

Out of fear and panic he hid the hen in a barrel and covered it with maize in the Corn Mill Shop.

Watch him recount his story below:

Source: Ghana | | Abigail Abekah Fynn


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